The Flight I Never Took...

I was 23 and recently certified as a Personal Trainer. Zumba had made its triumphant entrance and was the newest thing, so I decided to fuse my passion for dance and fitness by certifying.

After registering for the 2-day certification workshop in LA, I booked my flight and hotel. I loved to travel by myself and found much joy in jumping on an airplane to explore and adventure in a new location.
Trainer Kristy Jo: 2010
It was two days prior to the flight's departure when I began to feel sick about the trip. No, I hadn't eaten something rotten. No, I wasn't nervous. It was a simple sick, negative feeling about the trip.

The feeling persisted and I canceled the flight. Though I wasn't able to get a refund on the flight, I did for the course. The day I should have been flying to LA, I was on alert to hear of an airplane crash, mass murder, or something else ultra traumatic. Surely, this would be why I had this feeling that I should not go.

Nothing happened. The world continued spinning and all who attended the Zumba certification course probably had a great time and are now master teachers. I never went on to become certified.

This whole situation has puzzled me for the past 5 years. I think of it occasionally whenever I hear a Sunday School lesson on promptings, or a friend tell me about the day being saved when they followed their gut (what I believe to be the Holy Ghost).

This morning I was reading in the 2nd book of Nephi in the Book of Mormon for my personal spiritual study of the day. I got only 5 verses into the first chapter when I stopped.

Read it again, I thought. So I did.

I went back and read Verses 1-5 a third time.

And finally, a little light bulb of clarity and popped on in my mind, as the Holy Ghost often speaks to me. As an aside, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints often describe their feelings of the Holy Ghost as a still, small voice. I'll tell you I have "heard" that voice only once in my life, and I describe it in the opening chapters of my book, The Power Foods Lifestyle. That voice is what has led to my online nutrition and fitness coaching business. Crazy, huh? 

But most of the time, I simply have little thoughts/feelings of direction. That is how most members of the Church experience promptings. Big, loud booming voices from heaven ARE real, but not so frequent for the majority of us ;)

So, back to my little moment of clarity. (Wait for it, I need to explain the context of these verses first):

So there Lehi is. He's the man of the hour, the wise father and prophet who was warned in a dream that he should take his family and leave Jerusalem back about 580 BC (give or take). So he did, and his family sure went through the ringer.

His wife, at one point, thought that her sons had all died as they were sent back to Jerusalem to get the records from the King (the King was not such a cool dude--he ended up getting his head chopped off).

Lehi's oldest sons were some really emotional pessimists who had a hard time having faith and trusting in a higher plan. They wanted life to be easy and often complained. But then there was Nephi, the stalwart, brazen warrior (I have always pictured him with the Rock's body, ha ha!). He had great faith, followed his father's direction, and was a man who constantly tried to be better.

So back to Lehi. He is sitting there talking to his family and teaching them, reminding them of all the amazing blessings God has done for them. He talked about how God had spared their lives many times as they traveled through the wilderness and as they crossed the great waters and made a new home in foreign lands (what we believe to be South America).

But here's the kicker and the point of this blog post:

In verse 3, Lehi says, " merciful the Lord had been in warning us that we should flee out of the land of Jerusalem.

He continues in verse 4. "...I have seen a vision, in which I know that Jerusalem is destroyed; and had we remained in Jerusalem we should also have perished."

So here's where the analogy comes in. Didn't I say that nothing problematic (to my knowledge as distributed by the media that day) had occurred? Yep. And God certainly didn't send me a vision in the night exposing the reason I shouldn't have gone to LA.

Was it because my life would have gone a different direction if I had certified as a Zumba instructor?

Would I have been physically hurt?

Would I have witnessed something I shouldn't then have to go in Witness Protection Program?

My mind can drum up hundreds and hundreds of possibilities!!

But you know what I realized this morning?

It donned on me that I didn't have to know. I don't need a reason right here and now of why I had to cancel my trip. Lehi and his family possibly needed to be shown that Jerusalem had been destroyed so they could continue onward confidently in their new life. Now, visions may not be as trustworthy as Fox News (oh wait, have I got that backwards?) but my feeling is the vision was more for members of the family who were lacking faith (hem hem, Laman and Lemuel). Those with faith probably didn't need that confirmation that Jerusalem had, indeed, been destroyed.

And so I am choosing to take this as doing okay in the faith department. I don't need signs or reasons to follow those promptings. I just do them. Now there was a time that I wasn't so high on faith, and almost made a life-changing decision. Thankfully, Heavenly Father sent an apostle directly to keep me on course. And that is a story for another day :)

Have faith. Don't worry about the things you don't know. We will know, some day. 

For now, our job is to keep plugging along, smiling, and do as Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin counsels: "Come What May and Love It!."

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