How To Know What You're Worth

Since my blog post that exposed some sadness and darkness, much has changed in my life (HOORAY!). I am grateful for the warm outreaches and words of love that many expressed after reading the post. I was humbled to know I had so many friends and acquaintances who truly cared.

I knew I needed to be a person of ACTION in order to make change, and so I went about it. I moved to a small town where I could focus on myself and engage in a new life. I re-balanced my priorities and began scheduling KRISTY things into my days. I started journaling again (it's been three years). I started playing the piano. Dancing started to emerge from my body again. I re-strategized and launched a new business strategy. I made new friends, I went out of my comfort zone, and I explored nature.

I found myself among people who needed my help very quickly. I realized that in the journey to re-kindle my light, God would grant me that through serving others. People were placed in my path day after day in my new environment--people to serve and put before myself. People with more difficulties than mine--mental trials, addictions, divorce, and loneliness. My relationship with God soared as a result of my service each day and I found myself feeling very directed in my day's journey. I found I had purpose again. I am enjoying an LDS temple session once a week in the temple of my new town. I find great joy in smiling and saying hello to every person I pass in this small town. I am in a much better place with every passing day, and am grateful for the journey of my very difficult 2015.

I wanted to share a very important experience I had this past week, thanks to the teaching and inspiration of my mom (one of my best friends and greatest mentors/teachers).

It's short and worth the watch. I figured hearing it from me would be better than written form. It's more personable ;) I hope this story helps you also think into thinking what YOU are worth...

(three gold stars.)

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